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Welcome to my blog! As a Minneapolis and Rogers boudoir photographer I try my best to give you the best information on lots of topics and give you much value as possible.  I am absolutely thrilled to have you here and eager to offer as much value as possible. Don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime, I am always here to assist you in any way I can!

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Hey there, my friend! So you’re looking for some lingerie to wear for your boudoir photo shoot on Shein? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place they have some really awesome options that are very affordable. I have a ton of stuff in my 300+ style closet from Shein, and it holds up well!

My Top Shein Lingerie Picks

woman kneeling on couch in black lingerie and black leather garter harness

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What to wear for your minneapolis boudoir photo shoot

Ready to make your boudoir photo shoot super epic and everything you dreamed it would be? Maybe this is your first boudoir session? Maybe it’s your 3rd? I love trying new things with every client and getting them into outfits they love and feel confident in. Usually, during a session, we start with the icebreaker […]

What to wear for a Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot

Session Tips

Like lingerie heels are an entirely different category of what the heck am I going to wear and what should I bring to my boudoir photo shoot? Well my beautiful friend I am here to give you the low down and help you through picking what works for you! Whether you want to wear your […]

Should I bring heels to my session?

Session Tips